TWINTIP is STUPS’ API crawler.

TWINTIP collects API definition of all applications that are registered in Kio. In order to collect your API schema TWINTIP requires your application to expose the following HTTP endpoint:

This endpoint has to return the following JSON discovery document:

    "schema_url": "/swagger.json",
    "schema_type": "swagger-2.0",
    "ui_url": "/ui/"
  • The schema_url can be an absolute path or full URL to the schema’s definition file. The schema has to be given in JSON. The TWINTIP crawler will send a valid OAuth2 access token with scope “uid”, when requesting the schema url. That means, you can (and should) protect your schema in case it contains sensitive information (which applies to most non-open-source applications).
  • The schema_type is the type of definition to expect from the schema_url. Only well supported currently is ‘swagger-2.0’.
  • The ui_url is optional and can point to a human-friendly UI with which you can discover the API in more detail, like a Swagger UI.

TWINTIP will regularly visit your discovery endpoint and check for updates.